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Set up instant, direct payments (after shifts are verified) to your debit card or bank account, all through the Clipboard Health app. 


Everything you need to know about getting paid with Stripe

Nope! The Clipboard Health App will guide you through set-up.

There will be a button in the Clipboard Health app when you log in that you click that will take you to Stripe. Once you finish Stripe set up, you’re automatically brought back to the Clipboard Health App.

You’ll need to provide your payment details and review our updated terms on the Clipboard Health app. Once you’ve provided your details, you’re all done!

Don’t worry: we guide you through every step off the process, and it’s all done through your app profile.

When a shift is verified, your earnings are transferred to your balance, which is viewable in the Payroll section in the Account tab.

If you set up a debit card with Stripe, funds will be in your “Express Balance” which allows you to get paid instantly — all you have to do is press “Get Paid” for a small withdrawal fee ($2.99). You can also set up “Auto-Withdraw” on that page, which automatically sends funds to your account, but each payment will be subject to the $2.99 fee.

If you don’t withdraw from your Express Balance, funds are automatically deposited into your account every 2-3 business days.
If you set up a bank account with Stripe, earnings will be automatically deposited into your account every 2-3 business days.

You will absolutely have access to instant payments. Just make sure that you provide a debit card if you want instant payments. If you do not have a debit card, you’ll see the funds in your account 2-3 business days after the shift is verified.

Nope ー we send funds directly to the payment method you entered in your account. 

You are able to access your “payouts dashboard” in the Payroll tab. In that dashboard, you’ll be able to update your bank or debit card details.

Soon you’ll be able to get this directly from the app in the Payroll section of the app.

Until then, our support team will gladly send over your pay stub via email.

Stripe is one of the most popular payment processing companies out there ー and they’re used by many apps similar to Clipboard Health. Stripe meets the top regulatory standards for security and you can read more here.

InstantPay is how we get you your money as fast as possible! Clock-in and clock-out through your app, and we’ll pay you up to 100% of your rate as soon as you’re done!

For your first InstantPay shift, you’ll start with 80%, and every time your clock times match your timesheet, we increase that amount. If you report incorrectly, we decrease it. You control your destiny!

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