Clipboard Health Facility Spotlight: Keke Richardson at St. Dominic Village

Clipboard Health Facility Spotlight: St. Dominic Village

St. Dominic Village is a five-star facility in Houston, Texas, with zero tags (tags are demerits for noncompliance). St. Dominic Village provides short-term rehabilitation, skilled nursing care, assisted living, independent living, the Joseph A. Fiorenza Priest Residence, and respite care services including Angel House (which provides housing for individuals and their families while receiving medical treatment at Texas Medical Center). St. Dominic Village has been chosen as our September Facility Spotlight and we got a chance to talk to Keke Richardson, their staffing coordinator for six years. 

What Is Your Favorite Part of Your Job? 

The favorite part of my job is that it is Catholic-based, and the core value is caring for residents with compassion through Christ. 

What Is a Typical Workday Like for You?

In the morning, I make sure all of the staff is in the building and I get agency nurses checked into the building. From 6 a.m. to 8 a.m. I make sure the staff is in and on their units. Then, we have our morning meeting to report staffing. Following, it’s mostly administrative work and payroll. 

How Has Clipboard Health Been Helpful? 

You’re the most organized agency I’ve ever worked with and the most professional. It makes my life easier and saves me time. I’m still getting used to the app, but I appreciate the texts and emails. 

What Are Some Tips You Have for Per-diem Health Care Professionals Working in Your Facility? 

Make sure you come in with a smile — appearance means a lot. And give positive energy. Residents are on our campus and they can feel the energy. Also, have a willing mind ready to work. 

What Is Something Unique To Your Facility That You Think Makes It a Great Place for Patients/Residents?

We are the only nursing facility that is a member of the Texas Medical Center and a ministry of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston.

How Have You Been Doing in Light of COVID-19?

We have a checkpoint in the front — it is a tent set up in the front of the entrance and we ask the visitor if they have had a fever/cough/loss of taste. We check their temperature and if they don’t have symptoms then we can give them a wristband to enter. If they do have a fever, I have them sit down for a moment because it’s hot in the Texas heat. Then I retake their temperature. They have three attempts. 

What Is Your Overarching Goal for the Care of Your Patients/Residents? 

We have a skilled nursing unit and a long term unit. It includes assisted living, independent living, and SNF. For some residents, we make sure they get the rehab they need and move on. Some need to stay so we make them comfortable, protect them, and make sure they get the care they need. We also have a priest resident home. They are independent and come and go.