Clipboard Health Spotlight: Morsey Beck, LVN

Meet Morsey Beck, LVN

Meet Morsey Beck, our health care professional of the month! Morsey is an LVN in the Houston, Texas area. A mother of four, it is an understatement to say Morsey is busy. That’s why per-diem care is perfect for her, as she can create her own schedule. As you will read, everything about Morsey shines with kindness – from the impact she has on her patients to her wind-down rituals that maintain her health.

What inspired you to become a Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN/LPN)? 

M: I made the decision to become a nurse while working as a CNA. I was inspired to become a LVN when I learned of the responsibilities of being a nurse.

What was your path to becoming an LVN?

M: I worked as a CNA for two years and I was in nursing school at the same time. For a year I worked at night, the following year only on weekends.

What is your favorite part of the job? 

M: My favorite part of my job is to know that I have helped to create a better day or a better moment for a patient; all I had to do was put a smile on their face.

What do you like most about Clipboard Health and per-diem nursing? 

M: I love working per-diem because I can create my own work schedule which is important because it accommodates me being a working mother of four. 

What do you like best about Clipboard Health?

M: I love Clipboard Health because I feel like I’m part of a team and not just an “employee “. I feel valued and important. 

How do you manage a work/life balance?

M: Working per-diem helps me to balance work/life by being able to make my own work schedule. 

What do you do to decompress after a shift?

M: The drive home is everything for me. I listen to motivational videos which helps to push any negative thoughts out of my thinking.

Tell me a story about a time you helped a patient that you will always remember.

M: Recently, during a shift, a patient asked me which agency I worked for and if they were accommodating home health clients because she would be discharging soon. She wanted to request my services as a private duty nurse. Having that big of an impact on her completely wowed me.

How has COVID-19 changed your perspective of working as a CNA?

M: COVID-19’s impact was just considering the basic fact that a pandemic came and completely changed people’s lives. I have a huge impact on my patients to ensure they are protected and cared for, which can make the difference between life and death.

What is your personal philosophy/code when dealing with patients? 

M: The golden rule, ‘Do unto others as u would have them do unto you.’

What are your personal rituals to keep yourself health?

M: I have a strong prayer life that means everything to me.

What qualities are important to you when choosing a facility to work for?

M: It is important that health facilities are organized and have all the right supplies and equipment in stock and available. It is also helpful to have the right resources available for the nurses of the agency, because there are often questions that go unanswered when you walk through the door, especially if it is a new facility.

What is top on your list to make your work experience the best it can be?

M: A positive environment that creates positive energy. 

What advice would you give someone who wants to be an LVN?

M: My best advice is to be a nurse because you care about people and want to help because that’s what it’s all about.

If you weren’t an LVN, what career would you do instead?

M: I would be a full-time writer and I will be pursuing more of that in the near future.