The COVID-19 Vaccine Information Hub

The COVID-19 Vaccine Information Hub

Here at Clipboard Health, we’re excited that the COVID-19 vaccine is finally here. However, we understand that our facilities, health care professionals, and patients likely have many questions and concerns.

To help you navigate this dynamic situation, we’ve gathered information on the COVID-19 vaccine into one spot to guide you through making the best decisions for employees, yourself, and the people you care for.

In the articles below, you’ll find the following information:

  • What an mRNA vaccine is and does
  • What we know about the leading vaccines so far
  • How to answer common questions and concerns from patients and staff
  • Whether or not you as a health care professional is required to get the vaccine
  • Whether or not a facility can require staff to get the vaccine
  • What you need to know to administer the vaccine
  • Where to find your state’s immunization plans.
thank you to our health care professionals for your work during the covid-19 pandemic

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Michelle Paul

Michelle Paul is an RN Content Specialist at Clipboard Health. She has worked with a variety of patient demographics, ranging from young adults in foreign countries, to elderly residents in skilled nursing facilities, to healthy blood donors in her community. Her experience in content creation gives her a unique perspective on communication within the healthcare field.