Get Quick Access to the Money You've Earned

Clipboard Health has partnered with DailyPay as a solution for rewarding our Healthcare Professional’s who get their shifts signed-off upon shift completion.  DailyPay gives you 100% of your pay earned after the verification of your completed shifted.

Understanding DailyPay Vs. Standard Payroll (Rippling)

If interested, the following steps are needed to use this feature:

  1. Make sure you’ve registered as a Clipboard Health professional here
  2. Please sign up for a pay account at:
  3. At the end of your shift, you must get your designated Charge Nurse to sign-off on the hours that you have completed. This can be done by uploading their signature on your timecard to us via the Clipboard Health web app. Alternatively, you may electronically retrieve their signature on your electronic timecard within the Clipboard Health app. Once received, our team will take care of the rest, ensuring all verified shifts look as expected.

If you experience any technical issues with your DailyPay account, please contact DailyPay directly. For security purposes, we do not have visibility into your DailyPay account.

DailyPay’s info:

Business hours

  • Mon – Sat: 7am – 10pm ET
  • Sun: 9am – 1pm ET (available only by email)

Contact Info

DailyPay Disclosure:

DailyPay is a third-party platform Clipboard Health partners with. On the rare and unfortunate occasion, DailyPay may run into technical issues and experience a delay in sending out payments. Clipboard Health closely monitors these events and communicates with DailyPay with a frequent cadence if they do occur to try and resolve them in a timely manner. If there is a technical outage or disruption on the DailyPay side, all payments will be paid out via our back-up direct deposit platform, Rippling. These payments will follow our normal payroll cycle schedule, whereby payroll is delivered out via direct deposit into your checking account the second Monday following the work week completed.

Clipboard Health is not held responsible for DailyPay technical errors and will make best efforts in working with DailyPay to resolve technical errors as soon as possible