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At Clipboard Health, you get the freedom to choose when and where you work — and get paid as quickly as possible after your shift. With Clipboard Health’s new shift pay system, you’ll get even more opportunities to earn more money so you can truly have the work/life balance you deserve.

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Dynamic Pay is our new pay system we built to increase your average pay based on local demand!

There are times when demand for healthcare workers in your city are remarkably high. An uptick of new patients, facility workforce changes, or local emergencies, for example, may cause multiple facilities to schedule shifts during a high-need time.

In these cases of very high demand, hourly rates may increase to help ensure that patients who need care can get it.

Dynamic Pay balances the increase in available shifts with available healthcare workers in your area, giving patients and healthcare facilities peace of mind.

Dynamic Pay is available for CNAs, LVN/LPNs, or RNs working per-diem shifts in our healthcare facilities.

DynamicPay increases your hourly pay rate when demand in your area goes up.

Pay rates can depend on the shift’s location, the facility’s urgent need, and your specific qualifications or skillset.

But act quickly–because rates are based on demand, the pay rate for that shift can change, fast!

Nope! Go about your normal routine looking for available shifts in the Clipboard Health app that work best for your schedule. We got you covered!

We’ll always let you know via email or through the Clipboard Health app.

Make sure you have your app notifications turned on to stay up-to-date!

No this is not a limited promotion!

Dynamic Pay is the new pay system implemented  for all our per-diem CNAs, LVNs, LPNs, and RNs.

Yes: you’re actually seeing Dynamic Pay at work!

The rates you’re seeing reflect demand based on the shift location, the facility’s urgent need, and your specific qualifications or certification.

By picking up any one of those shifts, you’ll be increasing your overall average pay rate!

Dynamic Pay changes pay rates regularly based on demand, so your coworker may have picked up the shift when demand was high! We lock in your shift rate as soon as you book the shift on the app.

Unfortunately, we cannot increase your pay-per-hour rate on this shift, but please continue to check the app to view pay rates for other shifts you might be interested in. 

Some shifts’ pay per hour rates may change and others not. If you want, you can expand your distance preference, if you haven’t already, to show more Dynamic shifts near you!

Shift rates are updated daily on the Clipboard Health app, so check back in tomorrow to see updated rates, or if your favorite shift is still available!

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