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Health Care Facilities: Save Money with Clipboard Health

At Clipboard Health, our mission is to make health care staffing easier and more cost-effective. We’ve built an intuitive, easy-to-use app, so our partner facilities can request qualified, vetted staff for open shifts at the click of a button. We want to alleviate the burden and cost of finding quality, reliable staff for facilities, while at the same time giving our health care professionals greater work/life balance with the ability to choose their working hours on a week-to-week basis.

In addition to making staffing easy, we also offer considerable cost-savings over in-house recruiting. Replacing health care professionals is notoriously expensive — one study found that replacing a registered nurse can cost about 50% of their salary. There are a myriad of additional employment expenses that you can avoid by using Clipboard Health. Here are some of the cost savings you can enjoy by partnering with Clipboard Health:

1. Recruiting Costs

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Recruiting is an expensive, laborious process, between paying for recruiting staff and job postings, and time spent reviewing aplications and interviewing candidates. By some estimates, it can cost as much as $10,000 in direct recruitment expenses alone to hire a new nurse. 

With Clipboard Health, we take care of the recruiting for you. Just request an open shift with our app, and once filled you will be able to view the HCP’s documents and information, so you know who is coming, and you can rest easy that they are qualified, with up-to-to-date credentials and background checks. And with no commitments, you don’t have to worry about hiring mistakes. We also love to hear from you regarding your favorite HCPs, and we have a system in place for those you prefer not to return to your facility.  

2. Overtime

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In an industry where long hours tend to be the rule rather than the exception, overtime can quickly become a major line-item in a health care facility’s budget. Employees working over 40 hours a week or eight hours a day need to be paid 1.5x their hourly rate or more. Additionally, overtime can contribute to staff dissatisfaction and burnout, leading to a higher turnover rate, which in turn increases recruitment costs. It’s a vicious cycle. 

With Clipboard Health, you can use our staff to cover would-be overtime hours, rather than having your permanent staff fill them, allowing for fewer overtime expenses, and happier, healthier staff who are fresher and better able to attend to the needs of their patients. 

3. Benefits

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Employers typically offer permanent staff benefits like health insurance, paid time off, and retirement, and they are legally required to provide benefits like social security and medicare contributions (FICA), workers’ compensation, and unemployment insurance (FUTA). Many employers also offer additional benefits like life insurance, long-term disability insurance, parental leave, and tuition reimbursement. While these benefits do keep employees happy, they also come at a steep cost. On average, employers spend $11.38 per hour per employee on benefits. With Clipboard Health, you will pay one flat hourly fee for hours worked. 

4. Payroll Expenses

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Payroll is a complex process, which can result in heavy government fines if done incorrectly. Paying payroll taxes one day late results in a fine of 2% the amount due, and that fine can quickly rise to 15%. To avoid this headache, many firms outsource payroll, which can also create a heavy expense for facilities that ideally would be going to patient care. With Clipboard Health, we take care of payroll for you, so you don’t have to worry about government fines.

5. Training

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Ongoing training is an important part of every health care professional’s career and is state-mandated for license renewals. Therefore, most facilities pay $600 per year per employee to provide continuing education for their staff. At Clipboard Health, we provide training to our health care professionals and track their licenses, so our staff is always up-to-date with their credentials.

By partnering with Clipboard Health, your facility can enjoy considerable cost savings on a long list of employment-related expenses, like paid time off, benefits, overtime, recruitment costs training, and payroll expenses because all these costs are replaced by a simple flat fee. 

You can also increase the happiness of your permanent staff, and reduce turnover, by requiring less overtime from them and giving them more flexibility to take time off as needed. Beyond the money, we want to revolutionize health care staffing by making it easy. We want you to be able to cover your staffing needs with the click of a button, so you can focus on the 99 other things on your to-do list.