Image of an elderly patient in a wheelchair being cared for by a nursing home employee.

How to Find Nursing Home Jobs in Your Area

The country is aging rapidly, but individuals are also living longer lengths of life, thanks to medical advances and new technologies. Both of these factors contribute to the exponential growth of nursing home jobs. As a health care professional, you should be able to easily find nursing home jobs in your area searching online.

According to research conducted by the US Census Bureau, between 2012 and 2050, the United States will experience considerable growth in its older population. In 2050, the elderly population is projected at 83.7 million, almost double its estimated population of those 65 and older at 43.1 million in 2012.

Jobs in nursing homes come with a lot of benefits. Stability is one of those. There will always be a demand for nurses and health care professionals to care for residents in nursing homes. The chance of a recession or downsize impacting your nursing home job is quite low. In addition to stability, nursing home jobs are mostly predictable, offer routine, and a slower-paced environment. Shifts at a hospital or clinic can often be hectic.

What Is a Nursing Home Job?

Nursing homes are the facilities that provide residential care for the elderly, disabled, or individuals who require routine assistance and health monitoring. A dependable nursing home employs a variety of nurses. Nursing home jobs range from entry-level, such as medical assistants (MA) and certified nursing assistants (CNA), to more lucrative, career-oriented positions like registered nurses (RN).

A CNA is often considered a direct care employee. As a CNA, you are in direct contact with patients. You provide daily care for nursing home residents. This can include assisting with tasks, such as, eating, bathing, basic hygiene, moving, dressing, etc.

An RN provides personalized care to each resident focusing on individual needs and health situations. They are heavily involved in monitoring care and coordinating treatment plans for residents, and they provide supervision for MAs and CNAs. All the nurses working in a nursing home must be licensed by the state, which means a degree ranging from three to six years of nursing education. 

If you land a nursing home job, you’ll have coworkers that specialize in dietary needs, administration, maintenance, housekeeping, and social work. 

Where Do You Search for Nursing Home Jobs?

Conventional methods of job hunting include cold calling, word of mouth, sharing your resume, and knocking on doors. The rise of the internet and constantly changing resources have caused many conventional job hunting techniques to become extinct. These advances have made searching for local nursing home jobs easy and convenient. 

If you have a specific facility in mind, visit the employment section of their website often. Nurse demand fluctuates and nurse burnout is common — a need for a nurse might arise anytime. 

Searching the internet is the quickest and current method for locating any nursing job. You’ll want to be sure to use reliable and trustworthy websites to gain information regarding current staffing needs in nursing homes. 

  • Indeed is free, user-friendly, and popular among both employers and job-seekers. The site allows you to search the types and location of the job you are looking for. You can also upload your resume after creating a free account so that employers can find you. You can filter your search by date posted, salary, company, and experience level. 
  • For a small fee, FlexJobs offers a searchable database of jobs that are flexible and boast an alternative schedule. Employers are vetted and qualified. With your membership, you also gain access to hiring trends, career advice, and informational articles. 
  • LinkedIn offers a modern twist on traditional job search engines as the world’s largest professional network. Consider creating a profile that highlights your education, job experiences, and skills so that employers can find you. Form connections and network. Often you can apply for the job directly from the ad and have access to contact the specific recruiter. 
  • Check out Clipboard Health for all your employment needs. After completing a short intake form, you’ll have on-demand access to current staffing needs that fit your schedule. With more than 640 participating facilities and 1,000-plus open shifts, Clipboard Heath likely has nursing home jobs in your area. 

As you complete your search for a nursing home job, remember that job opportunities continuously change. Search often. Have your resume, references, and licenses ready to go. If you locate an ideal position, apply quickly. There are many benefits that result from caring for residents in a nursing home. Routines and friendships are formed. Job security and work-life balance are possible.