How to find the right healthcare staffing for your facility

How to Find the Right Health Care Professionals for Your Facility

Due to the global coronavirus pandemic, hospitals and health care centers are staffing up more than ever. Especially amid the coronavirus pandemic, many facilities are looking to hire more health care professionals. Between fighting a public health crisis and baby boomers approaching retirement, these facilities are looking for both short- and long-term staffing solutions. The influx of patients and smaller patient-to-nurse ratios call for more help in many health care facilities.

Hiring the right professionals is critical to providing the best care to patients in your facility. From nurses to the chief of medicine, the ideal health care professional has the right combination of patience, competence, and empathy. Below, we’ve outlined some of the standout characteristics to look for and how to find workers who match your facility’s goals and needs.

Characteristics to Consider in HCPs

Here are some important qualities to seek out when you’re hiring a health care professional:

  • Passion: No matter what job you’re hiring for, one of the most important characteristics is a passion for the position. They need to have a love for their job and a commitment to others, not just be looking for a paycheck. Many candidates have enthusiasm for a new role on day one, so make sure you find the one who gives you the sense that they will maintain that enthusiasm throughout their employment.
  •  Communication skills: A health care professional needs to be able to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing. Working in a health care facility, you need to know how to talk to different types of people, including patients, their families, pharmaceutical representatives, and your peers. Another important aspect of having good communication skills is being able to listen and understand different points of view and respect different opinions.
  • Ability to multitask: Working in a health care facility, you know no two days are the same. Problems arise all the time, and you often have to assess and shift your priorities at a moment’s notice. Look for applicants who have experience working in busy environments where they’ve had to prioritize multiple tasks at once.
  • Physical and mental stamina: Most health care workers are working on their feet for the majority of the day. To be a resilient health care worker, your ideal worker needs to have stamina and the ability to stay focused and alert from the moment they clock in to the minute they leave. They also need to be strong enough to help patients move or transport equipment from room to room
  •  Problem-solving skills: The medical field is not a straightforward one. Problems with no clear resolution come up all the time. Hire someone who can stay calm throughout all the changes and pressure and can solve problems creatively.
  • Empathy and compassion: Being treated in any type of medical facility can be stressful or even scary for some patients. As a health care worker, you have to be able to listen to them, understand their problems, and empathize with how they feel in order to best serve them.

Finding the Right HCP for Your Facility

Hiring the right health care professional can take time, and it’s important not to rush the process or hire the wrong fit only because you need to fill the position. Here are some ways to find and recruit the best match for your facility:

Define Your Recruitment Process

Don’t simply start inviting people to interview for a job and then assess them one by one. Before you start looking at candidates, you should have a defined, recurring process. Talk to other employees who will be working directly with this new hire about what they need and seek in this role. Have requirements and expectations that every candidate should meet. Assess them to know if they can meet them and if they’ll fit in with your company culture. Once you have a defined process, you can start interviewing and evaluating candidates through this lens.

Sell Candidates on Your Facility

The benefits you offer new hires should be compelling and exciting to entice them to work for you. Another selling point for your company should be your facility and your culture. Sell your candidates on your facility so that they can envision themselves working there. Provide information about local schools, restaurants, and community engagements to show them you value more than just their work.

Get Recommendations

Sometimes, the best candidates are recommendations that can come from your current providers and staff members. You can find new nurses and CNAs by using the connections you have with your current providers and networking through them. Let your current staff members know that an opening is available and ask them if they have any friends or connections who they think could be a good fit. Often, internal recommendations are more successful because they know someone within the organization who is looking out for them and who they don’t want to let down.

Practice Safe Hiring During the COVID-19 Crisis

COVID-19 has created a need to fast-track the hiring process, while social distancing and safety measures have slowed the overall process. When hiring someone to work in a health care facility, you have to ensure they have a clean bill of health so there isn’t a risk of an outbreak. In order to practice safe hiring while trying to be as thorough and efficient as possible, here are what other health care facilities have been doing to hire workers:

  • Screening candidates through video conferencing and interviewing
  •  Hiring professionals who are out of work or are from struggling industries, such as school nurses
  • Screening candidates if they’ve been out of the country, sick, or exposed to anyone who has been sick
  • Giving new hires a COVID test and having them quarantine before they start working
  • Not compromising professional and personal values

Use a Health Care Staffing Agency like Clipboard Health

We know your time can be limited and strained, especially during a public health crisis. Allow Clipboard Health to help your facility with staffing solutions. We can help you find the right type of nurse to fill shifts for both short- and long-term positions. Contact us today for help finding the right professionals.