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We have a new offering that allows healthcare professionals to get paid to be on call.

As a back-up team member, you’re receiving compensation for keeping your calendar open ($30 for the full-time back-up spot; $15 for the half-time back-up spot) during the time you choose. If the originally staffed professional can’t make their shift, you will attend that shift as a member of the back-up team. If you work the shift, you’ll receive your standard rate plus the back-up bonus. If you are called up from the back-up team but don’t attend, you won’t be compensated and you won’t be able to join back-up team spots in the future. If you sign up for the back-up team and don’t get called up, you get paid your back-up bonus!

You may hear from us at any point from the start of your back-up shift up to two hours after in case you’re asked to attend a shift. We will call you either way within two hours of your start time, so please be standing by.

The way the back-up team works is that you’ll be staffed at a facility if needed. So you’re not signing up for a specific facility. But our technology ensures you won’t be called to a facility that’s more than 35 miles away!

Please note you are required to have your documents in and approved in order to be back-up team eligible. Additionally, you won’t be able to sign up for the back-up after the time slot starts.

Have a question? Don’t hesitate to call support at 408-837-0116

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