Clipboard Health’s Hazardous Hours Policy

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At Clipboard Health, we care about the wellness and safety of our health care professionals. Working excessive hours could be harmful to you or the end patient and could contribute to injuries, errors, or accidents.  A tired, overworked health care professional cannot operate medical equipment in a safe, focused-manner, and may forget safety details when conducting patient care & treatment.

As a reminder, as an independent contractor, you are allowed to work more than 40 hours a week if you choose; however, there are also no minimum amount of hours that you must work to stay eligible with Clipboard Health.

As part of our “zero-harm” culture, we have developed the following hazardous hours policy, as a condition of participating in our platform:

Clipboard Health’s Hazardous/Excessive Hours Policy

  1. You may not work more than 70-hours in one week.  We recommend that you work no more than 60-hours a week.
  2. You may not work more than 20-hours continuously.  Working two back-to-back 10-hour shifts is not allowed.  We recommend that you work no more than 16 hours in a shift.
  3. You must take a respite period between shifts that run 12 or more hours.  Please take a minimum of 8 hours of respite after a 12-hour shift.
  4. Please take lunch breaks and other breaks as determined by facility policies and state laws.

Thank you for your adhering to this policy and keeping end-patient safety as your utmost priority. 

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