First Impressions When Entering a Facility & Your Work Attire

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Whenever entering a facility for work, ensure your healthcare attire is professional, clean, and most of all showcases that you care. First impressions are everything, right? Here are some ways you can showcase your best self on your first day.


  • Wear clean scrubs. Wash your uniform after every use (to protect your health and the health of your patients). Also, this will help prevent germs from work being transferred into your home. For these reasons, washing your work attire after every wear is always a good idea.
  • Scrubs looks most polished when they are wrinkle-free, and absent of tears, rips, or holes. Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference.
  • Take care to avoid revealing your undergarments, midriff, or cleavage.
  • Please note: If a facility has a specific scrub color they would like, we’ll be sure to let you know. 


  • Please wear closed-toed, non-slip, shoes that are clean and polished and have no major heel. We do not want you tripping or falling.
  • Wear clean socks every time to help combat foot odors

Personal Grooming and Accessories

  • If your hair is long, secure it in a bun or ponytail.
  • Beards should be kept neat and groomed.
  • Nails should be natural, clean and trimmed.
  • Avoid heavy perfumes or other strong smells (not everyone may have the same taste as you).
  • Practicing regular hygiene like showering, brushing your teeth, wearing deodorant always make for a likable teammate
  • For safety reasons, large/long pierced earrings are not to be worn.

Gum-chewing, personal cell-phone use, and smelling of cigarettes are all activities that should be left for outside of work. It has been said, that the way we dress can influence the way we work and how we are perceived. Hopefully, your looks say what you want them to about you – that you deliver awesome patient care and a kind smile. We know you will do great. 

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