How Do I View My Earnings In the Clipboard Health App?

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Viewing Your Earnings in the Clipboard Health App 

You can view how much you’ve earned this pay period, as well as your lifetime earnings in the Clipboard Health App.  

The Clipboard Health pay period runs weekly, Sunday – Saturday.  For those using standard payroll (not DailyPay), paychecks for the pay period are distributed on the second Monday from when the pay period ends.  Standard banking holidays affect payroll, so if a bank holiday falls on a Monday pay date, the pay date will be moved to Tuesday.  Standard payroll (not DailyPay) is administered via your Rippling account.  You can update your direct deposit, address, name, and email address in your Rippling account if needed.

To receive payment in a timely manner, please ensure your “Consulting Agreement” is executed within Rippling and your direct deposit information has been successfully set-up with Rippling.

To change your earnings, open the Clipboard Health app, and click Account in the lower-right-hand side of the screen.  

Clipboard Health App My Account Page

Once you enter Account, you will see a Payroll menu.  Open the menu and your lifetime earnings and earnings for the current payroll period.  You can also click the back arrow to view earnings from previous payroll periods.

Clipboard Health App View Your Earnings

Below, please find a video demonstrating how to view your Payroll earnings.

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