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All Healthcare Professionals are required to fill out E-Timecards found in the Clipboard Health App. This needs to be completed as soon as your shift ends.  Additionally, the E-Timecard needs to be signed-off on by any authorized signatory at the facility.  

Filling out e-timecards is a mandatory requirement and is necessary for the smooth processing of your pay.

Where to find Clipboard Health E-Timecards

Clipboard Health E-Timecards can be found directly in your Clipboard Health App.  Please follow these steps to ensure your E-Timecard is filled out correctly.  Most facilities also require paper timecards, which can usually be found at the nurses’ station.  Paper timecards are often necessary to verify your shift so that you can be paid on time.

  1. When you arrive at a facility for your shift, open the app.  Go to My Shifts, click on your current shift, and hit Clock In
  1. If the facility requires paper timecards (assume they do), please pick one up at the beginning of your shift and start filling it out.
  1.  To clock out and in for lunch, press Lunch Out and Lunch In.  At the end of the shift, Clock Out
  1. After you clock out, click Get This Shift Signed Off.
  1. You will be asked to rate the facility and provide your feedback.  Thank you for providing this helpful information.

  1. Once you submit your rating, you will be taken to the Sign Off page.
    1. First, enter your unit or location number.  
    2. Then, If the facility requires a paper timecard, you will be asked to upload a clear, legible image of the timesheet. In California, please upload a picture of your completed CDPH 530 form.
    3. Next, verify your hours worked, and sign with your finger in the designated area. Click the Get this Shift SIgned Off button.

  1. A pop-up will ask you once again to verify that the hours worked have been entered correctly.
  1. Then you will be taken to a screen to get sign-off from the facility.  Open the drop-down menu and select your charge nurse.  Click request signature.  This will send an email to the signatory to sign-off on your shift.  Once they complete this sign-off, you will be eligible for payment.

  1. If your charge nurse or another staff member responsible for verifying your shift is not listed, click Request a Manual Signature.  Find that person and hand them your phone.  They will be asked to enter their name, role, and phone number.  Then, they will be asked to rate your performance.  Lastly, they will be asked to sign with their finger, submit the data, and hand the phone back to you.  Clipboard Health will contact them to confirm all information is accurate.  Once we have confirmed the shift with them, you will be eligible for payment.
  1. In My Shifts, the completed shifts will turn Orange. 

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