How Do I Update My Distance Preference In The Clipboard Health App?

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Updating Your Distance Preference in the Clipboard Health App

When you open the Clipboard Health app to view the open shifts in your area, the app’s default setting is to show available shifts within 100 miles of your location.  

To change the setting, open the Clipboard Health app, and click Account in the lower-right-hand side of the screen.  

My Account page in Clipboard Health App to show how to update distance preference

Once you enter Account, you will see a Distance Preference menu.  Open the menu, and you will see a slider where you can set your Distance Preference.  Once you set it, be sure to click Update, and your app will update to only show open shifts within your Distance Preference.

Clipboard Health App Distance Preference

Below is a video demonstrating how to change your Distance Preference.

Updating Your Distance Preference in the CBH App
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