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Did You Know That Only 14% of All Adverse Events in Hospital Care Are Reported by Staff?‍

At Clipboard Health, we don’t want to hold a statistic like this. We want to hear from YOU:

  • When you feel unsafe, discriminated against, or harassed
  • When patient care/ treatment or clinical training has fallen short
  • When there is a work-related accident or injury
  • When OSHA regulations have been violated
  • When health care workplace standards of conduct are disregarded
  • Whenever you have a concern

We’ll take great care of you when you report an incident, follow-up with you in a timely manner, and ensure your concerns are heard.  We treat the Incident Management Process with the utmost care and act as if the end-patient were one of our own family members. So please submit your patient safety concerns to us.  Gathering incident reporting data helps us to decrease future risk and gain preventive insight.  

How to Report an Incident:

  • Please fill out our Incident Report Form Questionnaire as soon as you are able to. Once we have received the other party’s Incident Report as well, you may expect a timely follow-up.
  • Contact our support line at 408-837-0116, ideally by phone.  You can also reach us at Our support team is always available to assist you 24/7, 365 days a year.

Thank you from the Clipboard Health Team for adhering to this message and helping us in bettering ourselves & more importantly, our partnership with you. 

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