How Do I Post Shifts and Review Staffing Information?

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Posting Open Shifts

After being onboarded with Clipboard Health, you will be able to post available shifts with our easy-to-use app! 

How to Post Available Shifts
  1. Navigate to the Calendar in Clipboard Health and select the date on the where you need to fill shifts. You will fill shifts one at a time, so if you need two shifts filled on the same day, you will add these in individually.
  2. Select the type of shift you need to be filled.  You will see AM, PM, and NOC are listed as these are the most common, but you also have the ability to select Custom Shift. Select the blue pencil to edit the time frame of the shift. Please note, we have default times for AM, PM, and NOC shifts, so you must use the pencil icon to edit the time to your desired shift start and end time.
  3. Hit Submit.

Once you have shifts booked at your facility, you can review information about the staff coming to your facility, including all of their documents.* Below is a guide to view what shifts have been filled, what shifts still need to be filled, and how to review information about the HCP filling your shift.

Viewing Documents of Health Care Professionals Scheduled to Work at Your Facility

How to View HCP Documents

After you have logged into the web portal, you will automatically be directed to the Calendar. On the Calendar, you will be able to see all of the shifts you have posted.

Here, for example, you can see there are 4 shifts OPEN (needing to be filled).  The Calendar shows what type of shift they are.  Here, 0 out of 2 PM shifts have been filled, and 0 out of 2 NOC shifts have been filled. 

On another day, there is 1 OPEN shift in the PM, and 1 filled shift in the AM.  To see more information about the filled AM shift, click where it says 1 AM.

Here you will see all of the shift information on the right-hand side of your screen. You can review the HCP’s name, phone number, pay rate, and more.

If you want to review all of the HCP’s most current documents, select View Docs, next to the HCP’s phone number. This will take you to the HCP’s profile where you can review all of their documents at one time, or just review the documents you are interested in. 

*Please note, there are certain documents and vaccines not required in certain states. If your facility has an additional requirement, please contact your Account Manager so we can ensure the staffing for your facility matches all of your facility requirements.

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