Understanding Reviews

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Understanding Reviews

At Clipboard Health, we offer a chance for our enrolled Healthcare Professionals and partnered with Facilities to write-up a professional review at the completion of every shift. These two-way performance evaluations allow us to consistently adapt to the ever-changing business environment and halt “issues” before they become a trend.

So, what goes into your Overall Rating Score? What are we measuring?

1. We’re Measuring the Clinical Performance of Our Healthcare Professionals:

  • We’re evaluating the processes or outcomes of care that is associated with the delivery of our clinical services. We gather these clinical performance reviews directly from Clinical Supervisors. Why are we doing this? Because end-patient safety is at the core of everything we care about & do.
  • Please utilize the “Other” notes fields to let us know what condition or procedure-specific items need to be improved to address important functions of patient care (For example, include “demonstrated competency in terms of medication use, infection control, patient assessment, and patient safety”). We want to reward our Healthcare Professionals that perform well and we also want to be a valuable resource for when clinical performance (or even professional etiquette) falls short, so we may follow-up with appropriate training. We need your assistance first in being specific, detailed, clear and accurate in your review, so we can better ourselves for you and most of all, for the end-patients.

2. We’re Measuring the Perception of Care & Service Our Healthcare Professionals Are Providing:

  • We’re looking for a high-satisfaction rating in the care & services in which we deliver. Yes, your opinion does matter to us – we take all reviews to heart, follow-up with submitted “General Complaints” in a timely manner and seek internal change when we fall short. If you have a gratitude note, we are joyed to read those as well and it helps us understand what initiatives are helpful for you!  

3. We’re Measuring the Workplace Environments our Healthcare Professionals Are Placed in:

  • We’re looking for unhazardous, sanitary, & respectful Facilities, so our Healthcare Professionals are protected when they enter the Facility doors. We want our Healthcare Professionals to feel oriented (like they know where the fire exit is) and in a safe place (not just in terms of OSHA standards, but also safe from discrimination or harassment). We believe a caring & professional workplace environment leads to our Healthcare Professionals performing at their highest level.
Why does your Review Matter?
  • Without your review, we cannot identify potential opportunities for improvement, know how we can intervene and modify our processes. We are continuously looking at variations in our data which may attribute to a specific cause, so please assist us in gathering this helpful data.
What if I need to submit an Incident?
  • Please note, our Incident Management Team may extract any “Incident-Related” items from the Review feature and separately reach out to you about conducting a thorough Incident Report if we see a review that is suggestive of an incident-related topic. Best practice is to please submit all Incidents immediately through support@clipboardhealth.com within 24 hours of the occurred incident and never through our Review Feature.
What if I would like to submit a Do-Not-Return Request?
  • If you have a specific Do-Not-Return request, please contact support@clipboardhealth.com with details and we will help you with this immediately as well.

From the whole Clipboard Health Team – We thank you for your invaluable feedback.

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