cna week

National CNA Week: Why We Love CNAs

Every year, we take a week to celebrate certified nursing assistants (CNAs). You are the backbone of many of our health care facilities, and we want you to know how much we appreciate you. Here are just a few reasons why we love you.

You Do Hard Work

Work in the medical field is not easy. It is not glamorous, and it’s sometimes thankless and exhausting. CNAs are often the ones tasked with what some people might consider basic and messy jobs. But for your patients, help with activities of daily living is a vital part of their treatment and recovery, and your caring attitude while you help them can mean the world during some of the saddest and darkest moments of their lives.

As a CNA, you’re there to help patients eat, bathe, use the bathroom, walk, and do any other number of activities that they can’t do for themselves. At times you run errands or sit with patients who need more attention. And sometimes, you’re even there in a patient’s final moments and the moments afterward. You are experts at many things and ready and willing to answer the call for what needs to be done.

Thank you for your work.

You Come from Many Backgrounds

We understand that CNAs come from all walks of life and face a number of different challenges in their lives outside of work. You are parents, grandparents, students, and caregivers. Perhaps you are the only one working in your household, or maybe you are balancing other jobs to make ends meet.

Whatever the case, you show up. You commit to caring for others who are often strangers. Your life experiences become bridges you can build to connect with patients and learn best what they need. We are so often impressed by the dedication you have in both your life at home and your work as a CNA. 

Thank you for being you.

You’re There for Your Patients 

Of all the nursing professionals, CNAs are often the health care staff with the most direct, hands-on care for many patients. This means you generally have the most time with each patient. Some patients are talkative and kind, others are depressed or angry, but you treat them all with the same respect.

When something happens to your patients, you are there to advocate for them, sometimes alongside a nurse and other times as the one health care professional who best knows the patient’s current needs. Your charge nurses and supervisors and doctors need your eyes and ears and nursing skills to be there when they can’t.

Thank you for being there.

You Care

It takes a special person to work in the medical field and care deeply about each patient. In some specialties, we may see our patients for only a few hours or a few days. Other times, we get to know our patients over many weeks or months or even years.

You are there to take care of your patients’ physical needs, but you care about their mental and emotional status, too. A good CNA advocates for a patient when they need us, celebrates their successes, and mourns at their losses. This is a challenging job, not just for your body, but for your mind and heart. 

Thank you for putting so much of yourself into your work.