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WHO Offers Warning About Coronavirus & ‘Star Wars’ Inspires Creation of Artificial Skin

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WHO Provides Coronavirus Vaccine Update, Warning

On Monday, the World Health Organization’s regular briefing included nods to the ongoing multiple vaccines currently under development for the coronavirus behind COVID-19. At least six vaccine candidates are in phase three of testing where they’ll be put to the test to see if they can prevent the disease. 

The WHO also issued warnings that there might never be a “silver bullet” to fighting off the coronavirus, and that even if there becomes one, the world’s best option is to keep doing what it should be doing: relying and enforcing the basics of disease control.

Scientists Turned to Manufacture Antibodies as Potential Big Coronavirus Treatment

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Monoclonal antibodies, or antibodies that are specifically manufactured to be biotech therapies, are used already to treat a variety of other diseases, including cancer. Although there’s still much to learn about how antibodies behave after someone is infected with COVID-19, antibodies have been used multiple times to treat diseases. Scientists are moving forward in testing monoclonal antibody candidates as potential treatments.

Manslaughter Investigation Begins over Epilepsy Medication Depakine

Sanofi Aventis France reported that it was being investigated due to its epilepsy drug Depakine on charges of manslaughter. The medication is prescribed in more than 100 countries for epilepsy and can cause birth malfunctions and neurological development problems if taken during pregnancy.

‘Star Wars’ Influences Researchers to Create Electronic Skin

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‘Star Wars’ inspired a team of researchers in Singapore to develop artificial skin that will give people with prosthetic limbs the sense of touch. The “electronic skin” can let its users feel texture, temperature, or pain, just by touching an object. 

Rival Drug Companies Band Together to Test COVID-19 Treatments

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Several rival pharmaceutical companies have banded together to operate joint trials that will look into whether or not medications they each make can help treat COVID-19 successfully. The new alliance reports they are expecting the first results in as soon as six weeks.

The joint trials will first begin to test how effective a handful of medications are before they add more drugs to be tested. On the list of medications is a psoriasis drug, an anti-inflammatory, and a cenicriviroc tried in HIV patients, all with the goal to see if they can help with the overactive immune response in patient bodies triggered by COVID-19.

Chilean Sniffer Dogs Trained to Detect Coronavirus in Sweat

Chile is the next country after the UK’s promising trial to attempt to train sniffer dogs to sniff out coronavirus in people’s sweat. Sniffer dogs have been trained before to detect biological issues through their sense of smell, including diseases like malaria and Parkinson’s disease. The hope is that the dogs can be trained to detect the coronavirus when it’s still in its early stages.