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Nursing News – June 23, 2020

This week in Clipboard Health’s Nursing News round-up … 

Britain Trials ‘No-Swab’ Saliva Test for Coronavirus

Current tests for the coronavirus require health care professionals to stick a long swab up your nose to the back of your throat. It isn’t very comfortable, and it can’t be done at home by just anyone. A new test that Britain is currently piloting would only need a swab of saliva to test for coronavirus. If the trial run goes well, then the hope is to make coronavirus testing available for at-home use.

Women Taking Diabetes Drug Could Lower Risk of Dying from COVID-19

A recent study that looked at women taking the diabetes medication Metformin found that women who take this medication are about 20% less at risk of dying from COVID-19. The study also looked at men in similar circumstances and found that it did not have the same effect in men.  

Younger People May Be Less Susceptible to COVID-19

Age likely plays a major role in who is at greater risk for getting the coronavirus, a new study shows. Researchers have found that those who are younger than 20 years old are half as likely to get COVID-19 compared to those over the age of 20.

The goal of studies like this is to determine where governments and health organizations should focus their intervention plans. It’s especially important as schools determine if they can reopen.

Nursing Homes Face Staffing Shortages as Staff Choose Unemployment

With schools canceled and coronavirus positive cases rising, many nursing home staff have found themselves choosing unemployment over going to work. With the CARES Act paying these staff more through unemployment than they get at work, a large percentage are avoiding the risk of possible infection and choosing to stay home with family, especially kids who are otherwise left alone at home. This has left many nursing homes understaffed and struggling to cover shifts.