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Nursing News – June 30, 2020

This week in Clipboard Health’s Nursing News round-up … 

New Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center Focuses on Basics

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The research on how best to prevent and treat Alzheimer’s disease has taken many costly turns over the past few years. A new research center called the Allen Institute for Brain Science aims to restart with the basics of researching the disease, so researchers can better understand it before continuing the search for treatment and prevention.

Coronavirus Case Spikes Not Due to Protests 

As many states opened over the past few weeks, there have been sharp increases in positive COVID-19 cases across the country. As health departments continue trying to track the spread of the disease, they’re finding that these spikes in positive cases are much more likely to come from parties and social gatherings and much less likely to come from protests.

COVID-19 Virus Vaccines Continue Development

There are about 200 vaccines for the virus behind COVID-19 currently in development around the world. Multiple companies and countries are trying to develop vaccines that work in a number of different ways, and many are moving quickly to try to speed up the process. 

WHO Says British Company AstraZeneca Leading the Coronavirus Vaccine Race

As companies continue to try to speed up the vaccine development process for the COVID-19 virus, WHO has been keeping a close eye on the progress. So far, WHO says, the British drug company AstraZeneca seems to be in the lead as the most likely candidate to have a workable vaccine the soonest. If the company’s trials prove successful, a new vaccine could come after only a year or a year and a half of development. 

COVID-19 Antibody Tests Likely Don’t Accurately Show History of Infection

Researchers have reviewed studies that have looked at how accurate the COVID-19 antibody blood tests are, and the results don’t look good. The newest review of the studies says that the tests aren’t likely to accurately show if a person has been infected by COVID-19 in the past.