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Pros & Cons of Choosing a Nursing Staffing Agency

Every business has turnover, attrition, and vacant positions, but in the health care industry, the need for reliable and competent nurses continues to rise across the United States. About 210,400 openings for registered nurses are projected each year, on average, over the decade. More facilities are turning to a nursing agency to help meet the demand.

For many health care facilities, a nursing agency is the perfect solution to fill shifts when you have nurses out on paid leave, or to simply meet the demand when your patient numbers go up. It’s important for you to go over the pros and cons of using a nurse staffing agency like Clipboard Health first.

Benefits of a Nursing Agency

Regardless of why you have a shortage of health care professionals, you need to fill shifts to ensure that all your patients get quality care. Many health care facilities are seeing the benefits of using nurse staffing agencies as part of their solution to short staffing. 

Quality Care 

A nurse staffing agency specializes in recruiting quality candidates to meet the changing needs of your healthcare facility. Partnering with a nurse staffing agency guarantees that you’ll have access to nurses with the exact skills you need when you need them. 

Reduce Risk

The hiring process is tedious and time consuming. Candidates must be credentialed, interviewed, and trained. A nurse staffing agency would reduce turnover and time spent on employees that weren’t a perfect match. 

Meets Critical Needs

Whether you are looking to fill a temporary job for a few months or find a permanent placement at your facility, nurse staffing agencies allow healthcare facilities flexibility to adjust their workforce during critical times. Supplementing full time salaried staff with per diem nurses helps minimize emotional and physical burnout. 

Improve Productivity 

Nurses are highly qualified and show up eager to work. The nursing agency will take care of the tedious hiring process that comes along with staffing. Patients will receive more individualized and compassionate care when nurse-to-patient staffing ratios are met.


While the hourly rate might be more for agency nurses, your facility is not required to offer a benefits package, contribute to a retirement plan, or provide paid time off. You’ll see savings from reducing the amount of overtime paid to your full-time salaried nurses, and you won’t spend money on vetting health care professionals. 


The less time you spend looking through resumes, interviewing, and running background checks, means the more time you have to spend on other challenges or tasks. While a nurse staffing agency handles your staffing needs, you’ll be able to focus on different challenges that your facility might be facing. 

24/7 Support

Staffing agencies typically offer on-demand, personalized support. A partnership with a nurse staffing agency can provide your healthcare facility with solutions to your immediate and anticipated staffing needs. 

Drawbacks of a Nursing Agency

Although choosing a nurse staffing agency comes with many benefits, there are a few drawbacks that you shouldn’t ignore. Every health care facility has different needs, so you’ll have to seriously consider how using per diem nurses will affect your staff and patients.


As per diem nurses fill the gaps in staffing, it will be difficult to gauge when your facility is running low on morale. A career in nursing is emotionally and physically exhausting. Low morale impacts both job satisfaction and patient care. It is critical that morale is monitored and boosted – if necessary. 

Nurse/Patient Disconnect

A healthy nurse-patient relationship built on trust and respect positively impacts a patient’s overall health. As your health care facility cycles through per diem nurses a patient might not get the time required for trust and respect to develop. While the care received by the patient remains satisfactory – continuity of care suffers.

Lack of Familiarity

If per diem nurses are monopolizing shifts at your healthcare facility, full-time salaried nurses see an increase in workload. In addition to caring for their patients, they now must supervise and assist per diem nurses not familiar with practices and procedures of the healthcare facility. 

Nurse staffing agencies put great effort into recruiting and vetting quality nurses. Your healthcare facility can assume the quality and cost of per diem nurses will be comparable to your full-time salaried nurses. A nurse staffing agency is a viable solution to health care facilities struggling to meet staffing demands. 

Whether you are looking to fill a temporary job for a few months or find a permanent placement at your facility, staffing agencies allow healthcare facilities flexibility to adjust their workforce on-demand. When considering a nursing agency, be sure to read reviews and experiences others have had to better understand what to expect when partnering together. 

If you’re tired of struggling to beat the competition for the best candidates or your staffing needs are greater than your facility can manage, consider choosing Clipboard Health  — fill out a short form to speak with a staffing expert that can help today!