Relatable Nursing Memes — So Relatable That I’m Still Laughing

Without humor, it’s hard to see how many of us can get through the day. Health care is a stressful environment, and being a nurse has its ups and downs.

That’s why it’s important to take a moment to laugh, even when something is so relatable that you feel its truth deep in your bones that seem to ache because you’ve been on your feet standing for 12 hours.

Here are some of our favorite and relatable nursing memes. 

We’d Love a Break

You’ve probably been told many times that you absolutely must take your lunch break. Not only is it law, but staying clocked in also costs the company extra money.

However, many of us know the feeling of not having time to sit down let alone take a break. The breakroom just sits there empty and waiting, and we wish it wasn’t so.

But I Just Sat Down!

Clocking out for a full break might not be possible every shift on a busy unit, but there’s nothing like the relief of taking a load off your feet for just a second…

…only to have a patient press the call light immediately after.

Don’t Say It

Then there are those shifts of blessed relief when everything is going well. Patient census is manageable, there is enough staff to cover everything, you can keep up on charting, maybe even sit and scroll through the Clipboard Health Instagram …

Just don’t say the “q” word. Don’t be that person.

Concurrent Charting

All nurses know that best practices include concurrent charting. But most nurses know that might not always happen.

There’s nothing quite like the disappointment of seeing the clock hit the clock-out time for the end of your shift only to realize that you’ve still got to catch up on all the charting you were too busy to do.

Poor Night Shift

Nurse admins work during the day. It’s when most people and businesses are up and going.

Sometimes, for those on 24/7 units, that means night shift might feel neglected or left behind. Also, can the people in charge please schedule in services and staff meetings with consideration for night shift? Some of us are still trying to sleep.

The Age of Information

The Internet and social media have been both a blessing and a curse. Now more than ever, people with no formal background or experience in health care and the medical field are becoming experts with a few Google searches.

Please, go on. Tell me more about the blog you read about how essential oils can cure cancer.

Moment of Realization

It’ll happen one day — you’ll look around for a more experienced nurse to ask a question, and you’ll realize it’s you. You’re the most experienced nurse now.

Please, Just One More

One mask for two weeks? That sounds insane, but somehow we still feel like we’re asking too much for an extra one. It’s only funny because it’s too true.

If Only It Were This Cute

You never really forget that feeling of your first pitting edema case. If only it was as cute as touching a rabbit. 

Anyone Could Tap That

There are few things more satisfying in our work than getting a vein no one else could.

At the same time, sometimes we just want something easy. Have you ever caught yourself admiring someone’s prominent veins the size of garden hoses, the type you can see across the room, or is that just us?

Do What We Say

Do what we say, not what we do. We just have really bad coping mechanisms.

Try Again and Hope for the Best

Maybe try the other arm, too. Or another cuff altogether. 

Out of Time

Don’t worry, the other nurse will be in soon to help you with that. Probably.