top 10 nursing blogs for every health care professional

Top 10 Nursing Blogs For Every Health Care Professional

Nursing blogs are great places for nurses and health care professionals to find inspiration and information. These websites with a personal touch are a source of useful advice, inspiring stories, and news and trends in the health care world. Such blogs, written by nurses for nurses, can help you feel connected to the nursing community.

However, since the internet is like an ocean overflowing with interesting content, you might feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of nursing blogs out there. With your fast-paced work routine, we know you probably don’t have time to wade and browse through all of them.

That’s why we have rounded up quality blogs that you can read during your free time. Here are the top 10 nursing blogs, in no particular order, that can motivate every nurse and health care professional:

1. Nurse Nacole

This friendly blog was created by Nacole Riccaboni, a Registered Nurse (RN) based in Florida. Her website features “Nursing Tip of the Day!” — bite-sized facts and tips that busy nurses can quickly learn and absorb. It also provides nursing hacks and dosage calculations that can help you in the practical aspects of your daily work. The blog shares links to YouTube videos by Riccaboni about her nursing life.

2. Donna Cardillo

“The Inspiration Nurse” is the nickname of Donna Cardillo, a Registered Nurse (RN) and Certified Speaking Professional (CSP). It is a fitting moniker since her blog aims to encourage nurses and health care workers in their professional journey. The website’s “Motivation Café” section showcases inspirational content on a weekly basis. Its “Nurse Power!™ Blog” heartens readers to enhance their passion and pride in their nursing vocation.

3. The Nerdy Nurse

The Nerdy Nurse is a fun, light-hearted blog that focuses on nursing and technology. Its creator and owner, Brittney Wilson, is a Registered Nurse (RN) with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree. Her website puts the spotlight on gadgets and tools that are handy for nurses and health care professionals. It also seeks to improve the quality of life of nurses through its content on nursing lifestyle, education, and health. It even has a section dedicated to blogging, which equips nurses and health care workers like you to start your own blog.

4. Nursing Stories

This website is one of the nursing blogs where nurses can share stories about their life in the health care field. The founder of this narrative blog was Marianna Crane, one of the first gerontological nurse practitioners in the 1980s. She created the site so she could share insightful stories on her decades of experience in different health care settings. Crane also invites other nurses to tell their own tales. The content is a compelling read for nurses and health care professionals who might have similar stories, as well as readers who wish for a behind-the-scenes, peek at the life of a nurse.

5. Frugal Nurse

This realistic blog is dedicated to the pursuit of improved health care at lower costs. The blog posts are focused on health care policy and reform, ways to save money, and tips to maintain good health. The website also recommends books and online resources on health care and finance. This blog was formed by an anonymous seasoned nurse who prefers to call herself “The Frugal Nurse.” The content is helpful, not just for nurses and health care workers, but also for readers who are interested in cost-effective health care.

6. Candy Campbell

The goal of this creative blog is to unite art and science to improve your communication skills as a nurse or health care professional. Candace “Candy” Campbell was inspired to create this website because of her dual experiences both as a nurse with a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree and an artist with involvement in theater, poetry, dance, and music. Aside from blog posts on interprofessional communication in the health care field, the site also showcases workshop and seminar opportunities and book, video, and media links.

7. The Bossy Nurse

This innovative blog is centered on emboldening nurses who wish to start their own business based on their professional expertise. The website’s founder, Marsha Battee, is a nurse, clinical development professional, and business coach for nurses. It is one of the nursing blogs that gives you access to podcasts with discussions on nursing and entrepreneurship. It also informs you about programs, challenges, and courses that you can participate in as a business-minded nurse or health care professional.

8. Nurse Barb

This wellness blog is devoted to women’s health. The website is named after its creator, Barb Dehn, who is a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner (WHNP) and author. It explores a variety of topics related to health care for females, including pregnancy, breastfeeding, fertility, birth control, and menopause. It also encourages women to take care of themselves through articles on beauty, diet, exercise, and sleep. This blog is beneficial, not just to female nurses and health care professionals, but also to general readers who are interested in promoting the well-being of women.

9. Digital Doorway

This revitalizing blog, which was founded by Board-Certified Nurse Coach (NC-BC) Keith Carlson, provides holistic career coaching for nurses and health care professionals. The blog posts combine together motivational advice and professional tips that can guide nurses such as yourself as you navigate your career path. The website also aims to boost the mental health of nurses and other professionals who work in health care settings.

10. Clipboard Health

This informative blog (the one you’re reading now) was created to boost the career of nurses and health care professionals by increasing their knowledge and skills. It features the latest news and trends in the health care field, including COVID-19 pandemic updates. It also provides quality content on health care roles and nursing education. Clipboard Health is a health care staffing company that provides a marketplace for nurses and health care professionals like you to find local shifts and start working now.