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Health Care Staffing Solutions That Cost Less

Finding the right CNA, LVN/LPN, or RN to fill shifts because of unexpected vacancies, employee vacations, or hiring freezes can be challenging. 

We’ll fill those shifts for you, and you may be surprised by how much you’ll save on recruitment costs.

How Do Health Care Facilities Use Clipboard Health?

We’ve simplified the recruitment process. That means you’ll find the nurses, CNAs, and other healthcare professionals you need quickly, and you may decrease employee attrition. It also means a huge savings in time and money.




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Why use Clipboard Health?

A powerful suite of features help you staff qualified healthcare professionals at any time

  • Post open shifts directly to qualified health care professionals to quickly fill
  • View incoming nurses to your facility
  • Only book with us when you need to ⁠— tomorrow or months from now
  • Get better, qualified nurses at a lower cost, and no hidden fees

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Common questions

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